Browser support


The widget currently covers approximately 87% of browsers in use today and you can see the list here.

In the event that a user browsing your website uses a different browser, the widget will simply emit no HTML, and hence you should plan to handle this scenario gracefully.

The widget automatically includes the necessary polyfills to support the above in its bundle.

Things to watch

The Strategic Intelligence website itself no longer supports Internet Explorer 11, however we recognise the need for the widget to support this product as your userbase demographics may be different. As such, Internet Explorer 11 users will be able to view the widget, but on clicking it, they will be given our unsupported browser page which contains links to download a more recent product.

The widget occasionally emits minimal logging in to the browser's console log under three scenarios:

  • When an invalid API key was used
  • When a topic could not be matched given the parameters provided
  • When the widget was unable to contact the server for some reason