Integrating with


WIX is a popular service which helps non-technical users build a website. You can integrate the widget into your site using either the webcomponents approach or iframe approach, but the latter is easier and does not need you to enable "dev mode".

  • To get started, you must firstly have applied for and received an API key from us. You can do that here.
  • Follow the instructions and use our generator to build the embed code for an iframe. You can find that here. Copy the embed code to the clipboard.
  • In your site editor, edit your site and use the "Add" functionality (represented with a "plus" symbol) to add an "HTML iframe" component. You can find it on the selection of components under the "more" grouping.
  • Click the "Enter code" button that appears just above the iframe window WIX has added to your website.
  • Copy and paste your embed code you generated using this documentation in to the box which says "Add your code here".
  • Close the modal.
  • You should now see the widget appearing in your website. You can move it to wherever is most appropriate on your website.
  • If you would like to make the widget bigger, click "Edit Code" above it and try changing the default width and height parameters in the code from "300px" to "100%". You should find that resizing the iframe window then enables you to make the widget smaller or larger.

Watch how it's done

We've provided a quick visual overview of how you do this below.