The following parameters are accepted by the widget.

Argument Description Note
apikey API key to authenticate your website. Required. See our Getting Started page for details on how to get one. Note: please do not try to copy the API key we use for example purposes on this website. It will not function correctly for your website.
topicid ID of a topic. One of topicid, text, or link is required. If topicid is passed, the transformation map correpsonding to that topic will be displayed. The topicid can be found for any given topic by examining the URL at https://intelligence.weforum.org and you will find they correspond to the following format: https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/topicID, for example https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb00000015HiiEAE. In this example, a1Gb00000015HiiEAE is the topicid and hence can be passed as a parameter to the widget as follows: topicid = "a1Gb00000015HiiEAE"
link Hyperlink to an article to analyse. One of topicid, text, or link is required. If link is passed, the widget will attempt to map the article at the end of the link to the most appropriate topic and display the appropriate transformation map. For example: link = "https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51217455". Please note that your website must not be behind a paywall or authentication for this option to work correctly, as we will attempt to web scrape the page and analyse it in order to determine the most appropriate topic.
text Text to analyze and match to a topic. One of topicid, text, or link is required. If text is passed, you can supply one or more words and we will attempt to automatically determine the most relevant transformation map for your content. For example: text = "China coronavirus: Wuhan and Huanggang on lockdown"
language Content will return in this language if supported, otherwise english. If not provided language will be taken from browser. For example: en-US. This should be a valid value for the Accept-Language header standard. For further details see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Accept-Language. We currently support English, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Arabic and French as languages.
layout Enables the widget to take various different forms. Optional. Set layout="default" or layout="wide" as appropriate. The default layout is designed for placement in a side bar alongside an article. The wide layout is designed for placement in the article body itself, though the default also suits that placement as well. You may like to experiement with both to see which looks best for your setting. The wide widget makes use of the additional real estate to include a brief summary of the topic as well as the map.
openinnewwindow Specifies window opening behaviour. Optional. Set openinnewwindow="true" or openinnewwindow="false" as appropriate. Setting to true will make the widget open the Strategic Intelligence website in a new window rather than in the current frame. Setting to false will open it in the current frame. Default behaviour is to open in the current frame.