Integrating with Wordpress blogs


Wordpress is a popular blogging service. You can integrate the widget into your Wordpress site using the iframe approach.

  • To get started, you must firstly have applied for and received an API key from us. You can do that here.
  • Follow the instructions and use our generator to build the embed code for an iframe. You can find that here. Copy the embed code to the clipboard.
  • In blog entry add a block (represented with a "plus" symbol) of type "Custom HTML". You can find it easily by searching for "HTML".
  • Click the "HTML Code" tab and copy and paste in the embed code you copied to the clipboard.
  • Click Update to save your post.
  • Click Preview to preview your post.
  • You should now see the widget appearing in your website.

Watch how it's done

We've provided a quick visual overview of how you do this below.